Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Dish: Churrascaria

The food that I ate this weekend was SO incredible! I went for Brazilian barbecue and I ate at a fish market. In fact, the food was SO good, that I am going to break this up into 2 posts. First, the meat!

On Saturday night we all met up at a little Rodizio in Ipanema for Churrascaria (Brazilian Barbecue). I think most of you are familiar with the concept, as several of these have opened and become popular in the states, but for those who aren't, it is a total meat fest!

You pay a fixed price and then can eat all you want - drinks and desserts usually cost more. There is a huge salad bar with salads and other hot side dishes which are usually really nice. But while those are really tasty, the money is really in the meat.

Waiters come around to your table with meat on skewers and just slice pieces off right onto your plate. I felt a little guilty about it as I, in general, am trying to eat less red meat -- but man I just couldn't help it! The way they cook the meat makes it SO good (I swear they feed the cows butter or something) and there is a chance they sprinkle some crack on it before serving it. The only problem is that I can't feasibly eat tons and tons of meat -- so I just take one bite of a slice (and then my friend Darlene would take one bite of mine) and we would be there is a lot of meat wasted!

I took a picture of my plate to post - but then I realized that posting a picture of a huge plate of meat is disgusting. Almost as disgusting as eating it - which i did :) Instead, I have a picture here of Dustin and I with some meat mustaches!


  1. We are sooo doing this when I come to visit! I have very fond memories of the place we went to in SP years back and can't wait to relive it!!!

  2. oh you better start saving room in your stomach, mom! its gonna be great!

  3. Nancy said to tell you that she and Riley really liked your "meatstache"!

  4. Was it BETTER than the places here in the US or is it basically the same concept/food?

  5. Diana - I have to admit I have never eaten at a churrascaria in the US, but from what I understand it is the same idea -- I think the US ones got the idea from here ;) But, I also think that Brazil has better quality meat, in general, than the US does. Though, I could just be blinded by the large skewers of meat (some cheese-filled) that I gorged myself on.