Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Weekend

It was a pretty low-key weekend here in Rio...but it was a very welcome chance to get some rest! Since I have arrived things have been pretty mile-a-minute, so when Friday night rolled around I was really looking forward to some relaxation!

After work, I went for a quick run because the weather was cooler than usual. I have been running a bit since I arrived (there is a beautiful lake right near us that is just shy of 5 miles around), and I really enjoy it as a chance to get some time where I am completely alone. The rest of Friday night was spent watching some t.v., reading, and getting to bed fairly early.

And on Saturday, I didn't do much either! I slept fairly late, watched a couple of movies with Claudia, and just sat around mostly! I set out for a walk in the evening but ended up running about 3 miles (1 more than I am usually running) and walking the rest of the way around the lake. It was really pretty as it was around dusk and there are several little cafes and bars right on the path (a couple that I want to try out soon). Toward the end of the run as it got a little darker (don't worry Mom, there were a ton of people running, walking, eating, and generally just being there providing a safe public space) I spotted a couple of good photo ops, and I plan to take my camera down one night to get some good shots. Saturday night Paulo, Claudia, and I went to the neighborhood Leblon. We walked around for a while and then had a couple of beers and a small dinner at an arabic restaurant.

Today, I went to find a fera (like an open market) in Ipanema -- I thought it was on the beach, but I guess it is in some square, so I didn't end up making it there. I will try again to get to the Fera Ipanema next weekend, wish me luck! Instead I walked the beach from Ipanema and then into Copacabana and around a bit there before returning home. I ended up walking around for a few hours so, if nothing else, it was a nice afternoon outside in the sun! I even bought some things I needed from the Loja Americana (yes, the American store...they don't actually have proper American everything, but it is the closest I can usually get).

I have found that I am seriously missing some of the things that I took for granted back home. The most important being Diet Coke. If you know me, you know how much I really love the DC. Here, they do have Coca Cola Light in some places, but not most. And even still, it doesn't taste like DC. The next best thing is Coke Zero (which they love here), but I think it tastes horrible! I also really wish that I could find my own brands of lotion, chap stick, shampoo, etc. but I suppose I just have to get used to different things!

I am looking forward to a good week of work, and settling into a routine a little bit! I have a couple of "sightseeing" things I want to attempt this week and weekend, so hopefully I can start to figure things out!


  1. I am jealous of your scenery while walking/running, it sure looks better than the view off the treadmill here! What is a leblon? Is that a way to desribe a specific neighborhood? Or is it a type of establishment?

    Good luck with getting into a routine, I feel the same way here, had to readjust after you left!!

  2. you mean you miss my stuff being everywhere in your house and me bothering you?

    Leblon is a neighborhood (like Ipanema or Copacaban here...or like Lincoln Park or Old Town in Chicago)