Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Turns out, I love samba

I don't think that there are even words to properly describe Buzios -- it is SO beautiful!  We arrived late on Friday night, but had plenty of time to see the touristy part of town and have some dinner (I am still trying to get used to not eating until 9 on normal nights, and midnight or later on the vacation). On Saturday we spent all day at the beach, and at Paulo and Claudia's cousin's house -- which was so big and beautiful! Brigitte Bardot made small and beautiful fishing village of Buzios famous, and they even have a bronze statue of her along the water on the main tourist street!

The beach in Buzios -- finally I have found a country where people slather on the SPF 50 and sit under umbrellas (guardas de sol) at the beach! My pasty white skin and freckles are loving it!

Our fantastic lunch of bacalhau stew on the beach...we ordered to be served for 2 and this was all leftover after 3 of us ate it. Bacalhau is salt cod and is prepared many different ways, and if a typical Portuguese food that is also very common in Brazil.

Although Buzios was amazing, even better was attending the lunch for the practice of one escola de samba. It was really mind-blowing -- and to think, it was only a small portion of the group that was practicing, and it will be much more grand for Carnaval! There were over 2,000 people there (it took place in a large banquet or event area) and in order to get in you must be invited...but you dont bring an invitation, you just wear the t-shirt they provided with the invitation. The t-shirts were down right hideous -- all of the women go into the bathroom and cut them up with scissors to make them have fringe or be one sleeved or different things. 
It is kind of hard to see, but there were SO many people!

There was a lot going on --Adriane Galisteau, the Rainha de Batera (or, Queen of the Drums) for Unidos da Tijuca (Tijuca is a neighborhood in Rio) was there. She was dating a Formula One driver here when he died and, as a result, she has become very famous here as a model and a TV presenter. So was a famous Samba band (I can't remember the name, but I really liked them!)...and as it turns out, I really love Samba. It is such a fun music that you can't help but move to. And all of the people, young and old, know all of the songs and all sing and dance. It is really fun to watch! I am going to try to put a video of the music and dancing of the practice on here...

Adriane and the daughter of a friend
Solange (a friend of Paulo and Claudia's), Claudia, and me

And the Photo you all want to see of the Carnaval Dancers...

They are ridiculously fit -- and once you see the way they dance, you will understand why it is imperative that they be ridiculously fit. I wouldn't run on the beach in a bathing suit, let alone dance like these women do. There is a lot of shaking...haha!

So that was the weekend -- I have started work now and will post more on that later, but so far I love it!

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  1. How cool that you will be there at the Carnaval?!! Make a lot of photo's (just like the one above ;-)