Monday, March 15, 2010

The Dish: Black Beans

I can't even tell you the amount of black beans that I consume daily; it would border on embarrassing. I actually googled "how much black beans is too much." [note: when googling, grammar doesn't count] I didn't find an answer, but I did find a soup recipe I want try out when I get back to the US and my crockpot. The point is, black beans are the staple of my diet here. I think they're pretty OK for you - but if someone knows otherwise please tell me before I wake up 900 lbs heavier!

Brazilian meals usually include black beans and rice (arroz branco com feijao preto). This works out awesome for me. For at least 1 meal each day (and often 2), I make a salad of lettuce, tomato, onion, carrot, maybe some cheese, whatever decent meat there is (if at por kilo - a salad bar where they weigh your food and you pay by weight...VERY common here - there often isnt a good meat choice because it is all fried or covered in sauce and whatnot) and any other veggies there that seem appetizing. Oh, and then I cover it in black beans. My logic is that black beans have to be better for you than ranch dressing so it all works out OK.

I stick with the salad route to stay away from all of the rice and potatoes that are usually served with the meat -- there is rarely a vegetable served, which I think is odd. But sometimes I do have just rice and beans and it is SO good. And even when I don't have a salad or meat for lunch and I have just yogurt and fruit or something, I will usually still have a bowl of black beans. It sounds like fruit/yogurt wouldn't go so well with black beans, but I think you would be surprised (or maybe grossed out)!

The beans in our house are cooked with onion and garlic, which are pretty much my cooking staples (I quadruple the amount of garlic called for in any recipe. Thank you, Biaggi's!). I think (hope) black beans will be something I continue eating once I am back in the US (I want to learn how to make black bean burgers...anyone have a recipe?).

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  1. I also really, really love beans. Let's have a "Bean Fest" when you get back. Or maybe we can think of a better name first. ;)