Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Dish: Kaki

Saturday Morning Breakfast
Now, you might be thinking to yourself -- Sandy, that is so weird that you would eat a tomato for breakfast. And you're be right, it would be weird. But this, my friends, is no tomato. It is a crazy new fruit I just tried called Kaki.

On Friday night one of the girls from my Portuguese class mentioned it to me and told me to find out about it from my house mom and ask her to help me find some to try. Well come Saturday morning when I reached for the fruit bowl in the fridge to find breakfast, I found something that looked like a tomato. I asked about it and found out that it is Kaki -- the fruit of the Japanese Persimmon Tree.

Here is a better look (note: the unsliced one I added to the plate so you could see it whole, I did not eat it dirty like that!)
I think it is always hard at first to eat something that you expect to taste differently than it does. But after a few bites, I discovered that I really liked it! It was sweet and really light! I have NO idea if they have it in the US (has anyone seen or tried it before?), but I hope so -- I already thing it is going to be a breakfast and snack staple!

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  1. At first I thought from the picture that you finally embraced the tomato and thought your Aunt Susan would be so proud.....but I should have known better:) I'll scout Whole Foods next time I go and see if they have them there, I might even just try it myself....GASP...yeah me the one you labeled "picky", I have no idea how you came up with that one by the way:)