Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Just Kidding

And my plans have changed once again.

Turns out I am not moving back to Brazil, though I am here right now!

When I was home in the states I got a call that plans had changed and the office here no longer needed me. So we made some quick plans and I came back here for a few days to get all of my stuff and move back home.

I really would have been happy to work here for more time, but I am also pretty excited at moving home and starting my life up again there!

Part of the fun was seeing my friends and family at home - it was SO nice to be back with them.

Besides being in Chile (which I fully intend to post on as soon as I upload pics) Here is a little of what I did:

Me and my friend Lisa in Chile. At some point I got all jaunty and started wearing this hat everywhere. I'm sorry.

Kelly had her wedding shower. She got lots of nice gifts and I had a great time meeting new people and drinking champagne (In the interest of full disclosure, I did spell it champaign first, then erased it and wrote it correctly) in the morning.

I cooked dinner with Natalee. And by cooked dinner I mean Natalee bossed me around, I got stressed out, and we ended up eating basically raw meat stuffed inside peppers and squash. No idea how we didn't get ill.

Went bowling with my friends :)

Played tourist in Chicago and went to take a self-pic in the Bean!

Bumped into Obama as his motorcade passed me on LSD. nbw.

But even counting semi-seeing Obama and eating tons of pretzel MnMs, the best part of being home was definitely this:

My good friends Mark and Gina got married :)

Gina was the most beautiful bride I have seen (and Mark looked OK, too) and the wedding was absolutely perfect. It was beautiful and classy and very "Gina." There was also a lot of dancing :)

Congratualtions, friends! And thanks for an amazing evening!
These are my best girlfriends from college -- Kelly, Jenny, Gina, Heather, Maggie, and me (I'm not really a giant, I am just wearing killer heels).

So back home I go tomorrow (just 48 hours here in Brazil). I am headed to Chicago first to find myself an apartment and then to Champaign to spend some QT with my family there.

My life continues to change daily, but I just try to see each change as a new opportunity; everything happens for a reason and I am certainly enjoying the ride!