Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Just Kidding

And my plans have changed once again.

Turns out I am not moving back to Brazil, though I am here right now!

When I was home in the states I got a call that plans had changed and the office here no longer needed me. So we made some quick plans and I came back here for a few days to get all of my stuff and move back home.

I really would have been happy to work here for more time, but I am also pretty excited at moving home and starting my life up again there!

Part of the fun was seeing my friends and family at home - it was SO nice to be back with them.

Besides being in Chile (which I fully intend to post on as soon as I upload pics) Here is a little of what I did:

Me and my friend Lisa in Chile. At some point I got all jaunty and started wearing this hat everywhere. I'm sorry.

Kelly had her wedding shower. She got lots of nice gifts and I had a great time meeting new people and drinking champagne (In the interest of full disclosure, I did spell it champaign first, then erased it and wrote it correctly) in the morning.

I cooked dinner with Natalee. And by cooked dinner I mean Natalee bossed me around, I got stressed out, and we ended up eating basically raw meat stuffed inside peppers and squash. No idea how we didn't get ill.

Went bowling with my friends :)

Played tourist in Chicago and went to take a self-pic in the Bean!

Bumped into Obama as his motorcade passed me on LSD. nbw.

But even counting semi-seeing Obama and eating tons of pretzel MnMs, the best part of being home was definitely this:

My good friends Mark and Gina got married :)

Gina was the most beautiful bride I have seen (and Mark looked OK, too) and the wedding was absolutely perfect. It was beautiful and classy and very "Gina." There was also a lot of dancing :)

Congratualtions, friends! And thanks for an amazing evening!
These are my best girlfriends from college -- Kelly, Jenny, Gina, Heather, Maggie, and me (I'm not really a giant, I am just wearing killer heels).

So back home I go tomorrow (just 48 hours here in Brazil). I am headed to Chicago first to find myself an apartment and then to Champaign to spend some QT with my family there.

My life continues to change daily, but I just try to see each change as a new opportunity; everything happens for a reason and I am certainly enjoying the ride!


  1. lucabrba@yahoo.com.brAugust 10, 2010 at 2:56 PM

    Fala Sandy,você está ainda mais bonita,fiquei sabendo que você retornará aos EUA,é uma pena... quero te dizer que gostei muito de você ,espero poder revê-la em uma outra oportunidade.
    Luis Carlos

  2. so we're like gonna be bffs in chicago right? the bride IS gorgeous!!! Glad you are back in the states and can eat all the M&m pretzels!

  3. Hello! I just found your blog online, and I'm going to be heading to Rio this October... I was wondering if I could e-mail you some questions about being in Brazil and Rio, especially with housing?

    Just let me know-- we can swap e-mail addresses.