Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Copa do Mundo

As most of you probably know that right now the World Cup is going on.

In Brazil, I think you would have to have been born yesterday to not know that it is happening. And even then, I'm not so sure.

I was actually in Buenos Aires, Argentina (more on that later) when the Cup started. I watched many of the games and am once again remembering that I like soccer (futebol here)...a lot! We actually missed the first 5 minutes of the Argentine game, and since the goal was scored in the first 4 minutes, we actually "heard" the goal instead of seeing it. The noise from the streets was awesome when they scored!

We also had a lot of fun watching the USA/England game at an ex-pat bar filled with both Americans and Brits. It was hard for me to hide my love of the English players, but I still chanted USA along with the best of them during the game. And no matter which country they were from, EVERYONE cheered when they showed David Beckham on the sideline.

Getting pictures was difficult. Getting into an ex-pat bar that wasn't already at capacity was even more difficult!

The National Anthem sounds so much cooler during the Cup at a bar with tons of other Americans.

On my return home, my layover in Porto Alegre, Brazil thankfully coincided with the Brazil match. I found a table at an airport restaurant - there were chairs and TVs set up everywhere for people to watch. I threw on my Brazil shirt from my carry on and laughed when the man at the next table over commented on my action with a "now Brazil will win easier," and a thumbs up.

One small portion of an airport crowd

Though it is just the beginning of the Cup, I feel like it really is everything you would imagine it to be like here. And I love that. Don't tell America, but I'm really sort of hoping Brazil wins this one.

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