Saturday, June 26, 2010

The World Cup Has Taken Over My Blog

I have to admit, my life is pretty much ALL about soccer these days. I learned soccer when I lived in England and followed the Liverpool team. I learned the rules and enjoyment of the game in pubs (in fact, it is because I had learned about off sides using pint glasses that JGB had to clarify the rule a bit for me when I was in BsAs...), and I have continued to like watching soccer. Every four years, that is.

I don't know why Americans, in general, don't watch soccer. I think every child played it between the ages of 4 and 11. So why do we abandon it then and only watch every 4 years when the world cup rolls around?

I'd love to say that this time it will be different; this time I will watch soccer regularly during the year. But come on...I fell short of that promise I made myself to follow curling just days after the closing ceremonies this winter. Besides, I need to think about what is the most important: do they even have tailgates before soccer games?

I suppose I will just make the most of my next few weeks of daily soccer watching and good soccer related news and websites.

Speaking of good soccer related news and websites:

For the record: Although I am very excited to be in Brazil for the world cup, and I am certainly cheering for Brazil in their games, I am American and fully supporting the USA team first and foremost. As such -- Come on you Yanks and, in the alternative, Vamos Brasil!

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  1. i can't imagineeee the energy you are feeling there during the world cup! what a great way to "experience" it! BTW if it wouldn't melt I would send you some Pretzel m&ms!! you crack me up lady!