Friday, June 25, 2010

Soccer and Portuguese

So as it turns out, I only have about 1 month left here in Brazil. Wow, time really does fly! In that one month, though, I am going to try to experience as much as possible and pack in as much more Portuguese as possible!

And of course, I will be watching soccer (futebol). It is pretty different watching games here. In the US we love going out to bars and watching games - but here everyone watches the Brasil games in their own houses with their families. And nothing is open. Today, nobody went to school or work and stores didn't open until 2, after the game was over. I have a language lesson set for next week that we decided would be either Monday or Tuesday, depending on when Brasil was going to end up playing.

I will have a couple more of weeks of some language lessons before I go. I found a school that I think is pretty good and I managed to barter the price down a little (which is something I have a huge problem with, usually). I want to get in as much practice as I can before I head home and don't have the opportunity to speak it daily.

Not much going on this weekend - I have no set plans but might try to see a few friends. And, of course, I do plan on watching The USA and England games this weekend :)

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