Friday, July 2, 2010

Brasil Couldn't Get No Satisfaction

It was a sad day here in Brazil as the Brazilian team was eliminated from play in the World Cup. The Seleção Brasileira lost today to Holland, and as expected everyone is talking about it.

In general, the consensus is that this is a really horrible thing to have happened, but that Brazil WILL win the next Cup, as it takes place in Brazil.

The other general consensus (salute) is that this was the fault of 3 people. I present them to you, in order of increasing culpability.

(1) Dunga - The Brazilian Coach

Basically, nobody likes Dunga. He was never a coach before this team and thus, the people say, he is completely incompetent. Plus, he waged a huge war against the media and wouldn't let his players talk to the press. This made the people very, very angry. Brazilians don't like when you deny them access to their players.

Fun know how even though the rest of the world puts surnames on the back of the jersey Brazil puts first names or nicknames? Well Dunga's name is actually Carlos Caetano Bledorn Verri and Dunga is just the nickname he was given. Dunga is Portuguese for Dopey - as in the 7th dwarf from Snow White.

(2) Felipe Melo - Brazilian Midfielder

I'll be honest: before this game, I loved this guy. Granted, I knew nothing about him, but I really, really liked pronouncing his name.

After this game, I abhor this guy. He got in the way of Julio Cesar (the goalkeeper and, more importantly, one of my favorite players (second only to Kaka, swoon) who I think can do no wrong), he scored an own goal in the process of getting in the way of my beloved Julio Cesar, and then he committed a completely egregious fault against Holland's Robben. I get faults and I get faking injuries and I get trying to get away with as much as you can. Fine. But what he did was just really dirty futebol and I can't respect that kind of player. Plus his attitude after the game was pretty annoying.

On the other hand, Julio Cesar lost gracefully, gave a really heartfelt interview after the game asking for forgiveness from the people of Brazil, and cried (which might have made me cry a little too). I love you, Julio Cesar (you, too, Kaka).

(3) Mick Jagger - British Rock Legend

Serious. Every game Mick goes to and every team Mick has cheered for has been eliminated from the Cup. Apparently Mick has a Brazilian kid and so he took him to the game today. All of the journalists have pretty much decided it easiest to blame this one on him (I guess this is legit a thing (well, at least it is according to DeadSpin) - The Mick Jagger Curse, haha).

But, the real downside to all of this is that, due to a poorly placed bet, I now owe one Dutchman an incredibly nice dinner and evening of free drinks the next time we are in the same country.

I am pretty bummed that Brazil is out of the Cup - I wanted to experience the country as they won. I imagine Brazilians are pretty upset, too, as this means no more days off of work to watch futebol :)


  1. Love the order of culpability ending with Mick! I read about it being his fault here too. Like you I am bummed they are out, thanks for the Brasilian take on things!!!

  2. and yes.....i really am reading this at 6:22am on Saturday of July 4th weekend, what a ridiculously stupid day to awaken at 5:40 and not be able to fall back asleep....

  3. What a great match!! Good thing we raised the stakes of the bet :-) x Chris

  4. 5, 2010 at 9:33 PM

    Olá Sandy,me desculpe mas não pude estar com você no domingo,por ter tido compromissos familiares,mas quero muito te encontrar novamente.