Thursday, July 1, 2010

Festa or Disney?

Last weekend my little sister Monique went to a Festa de Quinze Anos.

I really want to go to a Festa de Quinze Anos if it means I get to wear a pretty dress like this! Even if it would be creepy that I was 10 years older than everyone else there...

A Festa de Quinze Anos would be the equivalent of a Sweet 16 party. I don't know much about them, though, since I didn't have one...and I have never been to one since my friends didn't have them either. Maybe Ohio is weird? I would love to hear what they're like from anyone who has been or had one.

OK, but to the point. Here, when a kid turns 15 they typically have a big party to commemorate the date. The party is bigger than most we would have - think prom/wedding/some other really formal event. Maybe if you're a reality TV junkie like me you can think My Super Sweet 16.

But here is what I learned today: they can also just go to Disney.

My Portuguese tutor told me today that in general 15 year olds here are given a choice - you can have a huge party or go to Disney World (she chose Disney).

I don't have a picture of my tutor but I do have a picture of this poster in the classroom where people learn English. Hilarious.

She said that all of the travel agencies here have standard packages for 15 year olds to all go to Disney together.

I have NO idea how this choice ever started, but I think it sounds pretty fantastic - hey Mom, why don't ya take me to Disney to make up for the lack of a sweet 16 party!

And now, for a little comparison - Monique at 15 and me at 15 (photo credit to Jenny Lewis).

Yeah, life is not fair. Please excuse the fact that I am wearing a sweater vest.

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