Friday, July 9, 2010

The Dish: Miscellaneous

With Brazil out, the world cup can officially stop dominating both my blog and my life. So, I have a post here about the other dominating force in my life as of late: Food! Really good food, in fact.

To start things off, I went out last week for dinner with Fabiana and some of her friends. I got pretty giddy when we arrived at the restaurant because I realized that it was a sushi rodizio :) A sushi rodizio is the same as a meat rodizio (or churrascaria as you might know it). The point is - never ending sushi. Did you hear that? The sushi doesnt stop!

Among other things, you get a giant plate of sushi like this. Then, when you want more they just bring you more sushi. One of the most genius things I have ever experienced.

And then I went out for sushi again 2 days later with Mariana and her boyfriend where I had the best hand rolls of my life.

I also went to a party with Fabiana last week - the party was for a couple celebrating their 50 years of marriage. And the food was amazing...namely the desserts.

The first dessert I have no picture of as I seriously inhaled it and couldn't stop long enough to put the fork down and pick up a camera. It was homemade gelato. Wow. I tried the berry and the green apple flavor. With some chocolate cake. I also had one of these:

Bem Casado (means something along the lines of happily married). So they say, you make a wish before the first bite and then you will be blessed with it and happiness. I think it is important to make the wish before the first bite because you won't be able to stop after that these are SO good. They are a staple at all weddings here!

Speech giving and cake cutting

Fabiana and Paulo

There were other amazing eats and events that went undocumented or that are on my camera and won't come off (urgh) such as a fondue (which is pronounced fin-dgee here and always throws me for a loop) dinner party, Arabic food (mmm kibi) and an amazing feast at a German restaurant (though, it had nothing on a Bahama Mama from Schmidt's!) with Fabiana, Paulo and Marta. Also, in my quest to collect friends that went to Vanderbilt Law, I had dinner with a friend of friends that is living and working here in SP also. We went to a nice and seemingly popular restaurant with good bruschetta and even better wine!

They say that São Paulo is known for the food/restaurant scene and thankfully I am getting to experience it - so far, I would say it is true...the food and restaurants here are fantastic.

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  1. you are f*cking kidding me about the sushi thing?! Do they have that in the states? Also..if they had it...I might as well wear sweat pants and wear a hat of shame..from gorging!